Advancing our shared commitment to equity and inclusion

AFP Advancement Northwest is committed to building on the invaluable work that’s led AFP Washington to promote diversity in our profession – work that’s led to  AFP’s Friends of Diversity recognition year after year.

AFP International defines as diversity as “the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures.  Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization’s mission.”

Our definition: “Diversity is all the ways that we are different or add variety. Diversity encompasses people of different race, ethnicity, gender, religion, physical ability, age, geography, sexual orientation and income as regards the composition of staff, board, membership, program content, program presenters, etc. It is equally important to consider the diversity of organizations we represent, from large and well-established institutions to small and emerging non-profits.”  

AFP Advancement Northwest’s Co-Vice Presidents of Diversity and Inclusion and our Diversity Committee will lead the organization’s focus on:

  • Creating systems and opening doors that give everyone the opportunity to participate and lead.
  • Supporting longtime leaders so they can continue to serve as guiding voices on diversity.
  • Adding new voices to the conversation by offering career-enhancing leadership opportunities.
  • Seeking opportunities to engage with people and experiences outside our comfort zones.
  • Becoming lifelong learners who turn new information into knowledge and action that advances our vision of cultural competency in our professional and personal lives.

These goals guide our mentorship and scholarship programs, our education and professional development opportunities and all the work we do as an association that’s constantly striving to better serve the nonprofit sector.

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