Thursday, November 1, 2018

More information about this year's event coming soon.

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2018 National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day brings together the donors who support the causes that our local and global communities hold dear, the fundraisers who connect donors' passions to nonprofit missions and each of us who believes in the power of philanthropy to make the world a better place.

Join the Generosity Treasure Hunt!

Tired of bad news? Hungry for news about generous Washingtonians making life better here at home and around the world?

This year, we want a nominations pool for National Philanthropy Day that crushes myths about philanthropy – meaning, we want stories of philanthropy from every corner of our community. Help us find these stories!

National Philanthropy Day is a special day to celebrate the extraordinary ways that brilliant, generous people are improving and enriching our world. More than 730 change agents celebrated with AFP Advancement Northwest last November at our National Philanthropy Day luncheon, as we honored six outstanding philanthropists from across Washington state.

Now we are turning to all of our friends and partners, asking our whole community to join us for our first ever Generosity Treasure Hunt.

Between now and April 30, tell us your generosity stories in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Organization
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Family
  • Outstanding Philanthropist
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation
  • Outstanding Young Philanthropist

Do you know a small business, an organization, a young person, a company, or a generous family that has made a transformative difference for your own nonprofit organization or community, or for other communities and organizations?

The full nomination process for National Philanthropy Day won't begin until May, but your early ideas will make sure that the selection pool is chock full of diverse stories that represent the rich picture of generosity from communities across our state.

There's no limit to the number of times you may participate, but only one story per submission is allowed. So share your Generosity Treasure Hunt story today!

Spread the Generosity Treasure Hunt buzz with colleagues and friends!

Congratulations 2017 Awardees

Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation: REI 
Outstanding Philanthropic Family: The H. Martin Smith Family
Outstanding Philanthropic Organization: Leadership Tomorrow
Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business: The Watershed Pub & Kitchen
Outstanding Philanthropist: Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation: The Satterberg Foundation

View the videos aired at the luncheon, to learn more about each honoree
and their amazing commitment to making the world a better place.