Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business


Girlie Press — Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business
Each year Seattle printing company Girlie Press donates roughly five percent of its revenue - in the form of printing, services and materials - to local non-profits, integrating philanthropy into its business model and workplace culture. Girlie Press and owner Risa Blythe exemplify leadership and serve as role models for other businesses by demonstrating that generosity, in addition to providing quality products and services, leads to solid success and a stronger community. Risa offers her employees 100 percent paid medical and dental benefits. When she founded Girlie Press in the 1990s, Risa made a conscious decision to create a culture of caring and to model giving. "I decided to start my business, in part, to support values that are important to me (such as) women's issues, queer issues, neighborhood organizations and schools, arts projects, etc." she says. Through its giving Girlie Press intentionally bolsters causes that are not widely supported by corporate and mainstream philanthropy. "Girlie Press leads the example of how businesses and non-profits can partner to build a mutually beneficial relationship," says Peter Wong, director of communications for the Pride Foundation.