Congratulations to the 2018 National Philanthropy Day Awardees

We are excited to announce the 2018 National Philanthropy Day Award winners. This year's recipients highlight generosity across multiple causes that impact people in Seattle and beyond. Thank you to all those who submitted nominations for this year's awards. It is because of you, that we are able to put on this wonderful program, and highlight the great philanthropists in our community! You will be hearing more about each recipient as we get closer to the awards luncheon on November 1. If you haven't already, mark your calendar. Registration will be opening soon. 

And the award goes to ...

  • Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation: Superfeet
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business: Phnom Penh Noodle House
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Organization: Social Justice Fund
  • Outstanding Philanthropists: Bob & (the late) Mary Ann Wiley
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Family: Bruce Nordstrom's & Anne Gittinger's Family
  • Outstanding Young Philanthropist: Makenna Schwab

This year's luncheon will also feature the new CEO at Philanthropy Northwest, Kiran Ahuja. Stay tuned for more information on how you can register.

Essentials: The Grassroots Power of Crowdfunding: How to Leverage Resources and Rally Support

Monday, September 17, 2018
4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Kate Roosevelt, Campbell & Company

For small organizations, crowdfunding can be an effective way to mobilize large groups of people in support of key initiatives. What are the best practices for promoting and launching a winning crowdfunding campaign? This tactical presentation will share first-hand stories of crowdfunding success, walking through the specific strategies and resources that our panelists employed.

What to Expect When You Are A Mentor (or Protégé)

We recently sat down with Asa Irwin and Nicole Angus, a mentor and protégé pair connected through AFP Advancement Northwest's Mentor Program, to talk about their experience working together and the impact the program has had on their work. If their story inspires you, consider signing up as a mentor or protégé. Read the interview and get inspired!

Conversation with 2018 Professional Achievement Award Winner, Ray Li

This year's award goes to someone whose work in the community goes beyond his "day job" and extends into the whole philanthropic community. In addition to building the development team at Neighborhood House and the international fundraising department at the University of Washington, Ray was a leading force in what became the merger of Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA) and AFP Washington (now Advancement Northwest) into one voice for the fundraising sector in Washington.

Read more from Ray about his feelings on being the first person of color to receive this award and the importance of creating a strong personal network.

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Last year, the Advancement Northwest Board adopted a new strategic plan, with the goal of increasing generosity across Washington State. We intend to do this by supporting you – the philanthropic community in Washington – through career-advancing programs; building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable board and membership; and by ensuring we have smart structures in place to run your chapter. 

Plans must be informed by those in action. Your feedback, observations, and questions will inform and enrich our plan. With your leadership, we will continue to evolve and adjust to ensure membership to AFP Advancement Northwest gives you the return on your investment you deserve. 

Building leaders who fundraise and inspiring fundraisers who lead

As one of the largest AFP chapters in the world, Advancement Northwest is transforming the relationship between donors and fundraisers, building a more vital culture of philanthropy and stronger communities for us all. We believe the fundraising profession must rise to meet the highest standards of innovation and find creative solutions to help philanthropists make an even bigger impact in advancing the ever-growing needs that nonprofit organizations serve. Learn More