2019 Forum on Strategic Fundraising: Building Generosity

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Snack Time Session: Fundraising Is a Team Sport Anchored in Trust: 
Building Core Skills via Applied Improvisation

Speaker: David Westerlund, Be Present Discover Joy Consulting

Time: Thursday, June 6 3:00 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.

Presentation Description:

To the degree that we can function as a cohesive team in our nonprofit, we lower costs and bring more resources to bear towards our mission. Distrust, unresolved conflicts, and fear drain resources. We need trusting relationships with the community and with our donors – you can see where fear has taken us in our society. The foundation of trust is the ability to listen, be present, generous, supportive, and respond with agility to what’s happening in the moment. When trust is alive, we are able to build something collectively that we could not have done alone. These core skills can be learned and strengthened by embodying the tenets of applied improvisation!

In this workshop, we will participate in applied improvisation exercises that take us into another world that is supportive, joyous, and collaborative. We will also have space to reflect on how we can translate these into daily practices to transform our workplace culture, and donor and community relationships.

Key Take-Aways: 

Shop Size: Suitable for any size shop

Expertise Level: Suitable for all levels

About the Speaker


David Westerlund's work is all about taking organizations to another level of performance together, unleashing the collaborative capacity that just needs to be tapped into. His retreats are potent because they allow staff teams to experience a different way of being together - one where they are paying attention, agile, and supportive. Together, conditions are created for trust, joy, and creativity to spontaneously emerge using the gifts of Applied Improvisation. Learning is translated on larger (and smaller/inner) scales - utilizing Liberating Structures to tap into the collaborative intelligence you already have. Together we catalyze the micro-shifts needed, and uncover your personal/collective learning to positively impact the climate of your day-to-day work environment. How will you build resilience? BePresentDiscoverJoy.com   


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