2019 Forum on Strategic Fundraising: Building Generosity

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Ethics Gameshow

Speakers: Angela Beard, Ph.D, Sandford Institute of Philanthropy at City University of Seattle; Christie Cotterill, CFRE, Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and Marzette Mondin, UW School of Social Work

Track: Organizational Culture

Time: Friday, June 7 10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Presentation Description:

The learning objective for this session is a thorough grounding in ethics for fundraisers and the ability to apply it to many commonly encountered circumstances in our work. Christie Cotterill and Angela Beard will use group work and a game show format to introduce or refresh participants’ knowledge of AFP’s Code of Ethical Standards. During the first segment of the workshop, the presenters will offer an overview of the Code of Ethics, the four categories into which they fall, and the Code of Principles that is the foundation for the 25 standards. Then, using AFP’s long version of the Code of Ethics as a guide, the presenters will invite members of the audience to join “families” willing to compete in the game show (patterned after the television show “Family Feud”). Angela and Christie will ask scenario-based questions with ethical answers as options for teams to guess. The situations will range from more straightforward to increasingly complicated. At the end of each question, the presenters will share a clear unethical answer. Question: What type of compensation is it ethical for fundraiser to receive? Possible answers: Salary, Standard Benefits, Bonus

Key Take-Aways:

Shop Size: Suitable for any size shop

Expertise Level: Suitable for all levels

About the Speakers


Angela Beard, Ph.D.

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Christie Cotterill, CFRE

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Marzette Mondin 

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