2019 Forum on Strategic Fundraising: Building Generosity

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The Art and Science of Donor Surveys

Speaker: Ariel Glassman, The Ostara Group & Jeff Lockhart, Kirkland Performance Center

Track: Smart Structures

Time: Friday, June 7 2:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Presentation Description:

This session will cover the basics of one of your organization’s most powerful fundraising tools: the donor survey. What fundraisers know—and don’t know—about our donors can have a huge impact on our success. When we base our decisions on concrete knowledge about our donors’ motivations, preferences, interests, and demographics, we make it more likely that our development work will thrive and grow. In this workshop, attendees will learn:

• What tools and infrastructure are needed for an effective survey process
• How to segment surveys to maximize learning
• How to craft illuminating survey questions
• How connections between data points can tell us more than what meets the eye
• How to integrate survey learning into your development strategy

Key Take-Aways:

Shop Size: Suitable for any size shop

Expertise Level: Midcareer (2-5 years) | Experienced (5-10 years) | Veteran Fundraiser (10+ years)

About the Speakers


Over the past 15 years, Ariel Glassman has helped more than 65 nonprofits sculpt innovative fundraising programs, strengthen internal capacity, connect deeply with donors, and propel their work to new heights. She helps organizations build connective tissue between their fundraising strategy, development operations, staff capacity, and donor relationships. Her expertise includes data-focused, community-centered fundraising strategy, tactical planning, donor engagement programs, and donor communications. Ariel is the Vice President of the TeenTix board.

  Jeff Lockhart is the Executive Director of the Kirkland Performance Center (KPC). During his tenure, Lockhart has revitalized KPC’s programming, funding, and operations. Earlier in his career, Jeff founded and spearheaded the music industry business and recording arts program at Northwest University. Jeff also served as the University’s Vice President for Advancement, and successfully led its $19 million capital campaign. He co-founded and plays drums in Seattle’s Beatles cover band Creme Tangerine.


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