Uniting to better serve our philanthropic community

The Association of Fundraising Professionals Washington Chapter and the Northwest Development Officers Association are uniting to become one organization.

The new united association will enhance the professionalism of fundraisers at all stages of their careers and lead the way to address the pressing challenges facing Washington’s nonprofit sector. Pending membership approval, the new organization will be launched on January 1, 2015.

We’ve spent four years assessing the pros and cons of uniting. This is the right decision for our members and for the nonprofit sector.

The Boards of Directors of both organizations formed a collaborative in 2010 to examine ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both AFP and NDOA in order to enhance the quality of our programs, better serve the fundraising profession and advance the nonprofit sector. Through countless meetings, discussions, retreats, membership surveys and in-depth consultations with organizational and business development specialists, the right path became clear: We can better serve our members, our nonprofits and our communities by becoming one organization. (A great deal of planning and background documentation exists on our four years of work. Please let us know if you would like to review materials related to our deliberations.)

Bringing together the unique strengths of AFP and NDOA, we are creating a stronger, better focused, more comprehensive professional association that will better serve the fundraising profession. The new association also will forge the way in resolving the critical issues presented in UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Fundraising. Published in January 2013, the report is an eye-opening look at the development field and how high turnover, lengthy vacancies, the lack of qualified candidates, poor job performance and lack of organizational support for a culture of philanthropy are threatening nonprofits’ ability to fund their missions. Learn more about how the new united organization will address the challenges detailed in the UnderDeveloped report.

The uniting of AFP and NDOA is a remarkable opportunity, a wise and strategic move, and a financially efficient decision. The cost savings of operating a single association will allow us to offer more and better programs, services and benefits to our members. Members of AFP will experience no change in their dues since AFP dues already are at the same level as the dues for the new association. NDOA members will experience a gradual increase in dues, subsidized by AFP International.

We’re still working out many of the details related to this exciting change. Between now and December 31, we’ll give you opportunities to weigh in on how we can make the new organization your best possible resource for training, networking, career support, mentoring and more.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to email us. We look forward to keeping you informed throughout the rest of the year on new developments. Watch your email for regular updates!