Earn your CFRE – the hallmark of professionalism

The Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) is an internationally recognized credential for professional fundraisers who meet specific standards of achievement, skills, and expertise. CFRE symbolizes a commitment to excellence and membership in a community of fundraising leaders.

Certification requires a successfully completed written application and exam, and a pledge to follow the Association of Fundraising Professional's code of ethics, Donor Bill of Rights, and accountability standards. Applications are judged based on education, professional practice, performance, and service.

Learn more about applying, the exam, upcoming test dates, fees and more.

We salute the following leaders in fundraising who have received their CFRE credentials:

Sharee Adkins, CFRE Wendy Hatch, CFRE Richard Penny, CFRE
Hilary Anderson, CFRE Kara Hefley, CFRE Jennifer Perrow, CFRE
Owen Atkins, CFRE Angelique Heinzen, CFRE Kae Peterson, CFRE
Anne Aumell, CFRE Maya Hemachandra, CFRE* James Plourde, CFRE*
Katherine Banta-Green, CFRE* James Hopper, CFRE Elizabeth Pluhta, CFRE
Cathy Barr, CFRE Christine Howeiler, CFRE Michone Preston, CFRE
Kristin Barsness, CFRE Renata Hoyle Maybruck, CFRE Jane Pryor, CFRE
Kean Bateman, CFRE Ashley Hulsey, CFRE Dawn Rains, CFRE
Anne Baunach, CFRE Monica Hurley, CFRE Shirley Sue Ramsey, CFRE
Susan Bean, CFRE Sharon Hurt Davidson, CFRE Anne Rasmussen, CFRE
Heather Beebe-Stevens, CFRE Janet (Jan) Aldrich Jacobs, CFRE Angela Rickard, CFRE
Heather Bennett, CFRE Leon Jenkins, CFRE Julie Rinard, CFRE
Julie Bianchi, CFRE* Daniel Johnson, CFRE Nancy Riordan, CFRE
Forrest Bjelkevig, CFRE Julia Johnson, CFRE Allison Roberts, CFRE
Brynn Blanchard, CFRE Matthew Jones, CFRE Wendy Rohrbacker, CFRE
Carol Borgmann, CFRE Eric Kaltenbacher, CFRE Catherine Roosevelt, CFRE
Peter Brennan, CFRE Mary Kaufman-Cranney, CFRE Laura Rose, CFRE
Meredith Easton Brown, CFRE Maggie Keelan, CFRE Jill Rose, CFRE
Anne Caffery, CFRE Sandra Kernerman, CFRE Karen Rotko-Wynn, CFRE
Robin Callahan, CFRE Christina Kourteva, CFRE Scott Sadler, CFRE
Elizabeth (Beth) Castleberry, CFRE* Rebecca Kuenzel, CFRE Wendy Schneider, CFRE
Marcia Cates, CFRE Tarrell Kullaway, CFRE Karen Sendelback, CFRE
Casey Caylor, CFRE Tamara LaFrance, CFRE Helen Sernett, CFRE*
Scott Claeys, CFRE Natalie Lamberjack, CFRE Christopher Shainin, CFRE
Kellie Connaughton, CFRE Kathleen Langenheim, CFRE Jeri Shumate, CFRE
Lynne Conrad Marvet, CFRE Sara Lawson, CFRE Allison Smith, CFRE
Christie Cotterill, CFRE* Angelique Leone, CFRE Russell Sondker, CFRE
Mark Dalan, CFRE Veda Logan, CFRE Rodney Stephenson, CFRE
Judee Daniels, CFRE Suzanne Loiland, CFRE* Ruth Swain, CFRE
Betsy Davis, CFRE Michael Lowery, CFRE Aggie Sweeney, CFRE
Lorraine del Prado, CFRE Anne Marie MacPherson Davis, CFRE Sarah Szabo, CFRE
Christine Destry, CFRE Barbara Maudell, CFRE* Dorita Tessier, CFRE
Linda DiRienzo, CFRE Jazmin Marshall, CFRE Elizabeth Theaker, CFRE
Sandra Dolese, CFRE Daniel Martin, CFRE James Thomas, CFRE
Karen Donahue, CFRE Linda Maxson, CFRE Tresa Thomas Massiongale, CFRE
Frederick Downey, CFRE Rueben Mayes, CFRE Vivian Thorn-Cheadle, CFRE
Mary Dunaway, CFRE Mark McCampbell, CFRE Theresa Tingvall Moore, CFRE
Laura Edman, CFRE Barry McConnell, CFRE Ruth Tollefson, CFRE*
Christine Elliott, CFRE Elizabeth McLaughlin, CFRE Alishia Topper, CFRE
Dierdre Evans, CFRE Megan McNally, CFRE An Tran, CFRE
Jeffrey Farmer, CFRE Cindy McRoberts, CFRE Sarah Valentine, CFRE
Ken Fincher, CFRE Thomas Mesaros, CFRE Lindsay von Marbod, CFRE
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, CFRE Shannon Michlitsch, CFRE Meghan Wagner, CFRE
Jennifer Fix, CFRE Victoria Miles, CFRE Amanda Walker, CFRE
Elizabeth Fleming, CFRE Marzette Mondin, CFRE Scott Washburn, CFRE
Colleen Fox, CFRE Lauren Moore, CFRE Jennifer Weber, CFRE
John Frank, CFRE Alison Morton, CFRE Robin Webster, CFRE
Katrina Freeburg, CFRE Kristin Myers, CFRE Nickie White, CFRE
Heather Fritts, CFRE Kristi Nelson, CFRE Amy Wilcox, CFRE
Scott Garrepy, CFRE Carol Neupert, CFRE Jeffrey Wilcox, CFRE*
Lisa Gibert, CFRE Nick Newcombe, CFRE Erica Wiley, CFRE
JoEllen Giles, CFRE Cynthia Niemi, CFRE Catherine Willis Cleveland, CFRE
Amanda Gomez, CFRE Abel Noah, CFRE Stephen Wilmes, CFRE
Brittany Gosselin, CFRE John Olson, CFRE Marcella Wing, CFRE
Jennie Griek, CFRE Sara Oshikawa-Clay, CFRE Connie Wittren, CFRE
Amy Gross, CFRE Jacquelyn Ostrom, CFRE JoAnn Yoshimoto, CFRE
Gina Hall, CFRE Allison Parker, CFRE Kathleen Zehner, CFRE
Christopher Hanzeli, CFRE Margaret Paullin, CFRE  
Indicates board members of either AFP Advancement Northwest or AFP South Sound. *